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Sunday, January 09, 2005

The Uday/Al Jazeera Alliance

I watched the Uday/Al Jazeera tape last Friday on Al Hurra. The from what I heard, there were many such meetings between Uday and Mohammed Jasem, the former AJ manager who was fired by the Emir of Qatar right after the Iraq war (i.e right after the dirt came out of the closet)

Al Arabiyyah, AJ's rival and a more moderate channel, discussed the tape on one of its programs that deals with American affrais. The issue was presented as the relationship between the US and Arab media and not as a cozy meeting between the Middle East's most popular news channel and the son of the Middle East's most brutal dictator. This is the reason why I wanted an Iraqi channel to broadcast this tape.

One of the guests on the Al Arabiyah program mentioned that we need to know the context of this meeting. Well, that is very interesting since up until today I am waiting to hear the "context of this meeting"!


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