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Sunday, January 30, 2005

UPDATE: An Iraqi living in London wrote that he heard noices as he was casting his vote in a polling station in the United Kingdom. He turned around and saw Iraqi voters kicking Al Jazeera's crew out of the premise. The crew aparently came to cover the elections in this polling station. Upon seeing the channel's logo on the cameras, several Iraqis got angry and forced the crew to leave the area. He also said that he heard the same incident happen in Holland as well.

UPDATE: This is powerful. Pass it to others.

I have nothing else to say except that I feel very humbled for what millions of Iraqis did today. I bow in recognition for what happened today. I believe that not only us the non-Iraqi Arabs should learn from what Iraqis did, but all democracies around the world should look at Iraqis and learn something. All those who are taking their democracy and elections for granted should pause a little and learn. Behold a people who defied suicide bombers and mortar attacks and left their houses and went to the polling stations by the MILLIONS. Today I admit Iraqis are made of steel and I feel so proud of them and I feel honored to share this region with such people.

As we said before, today’s elections are only the beginning. Suicide bombers, car bombers, and terrorists will still be with us tomorrow morning. Innocent people will die tomorrow morning as they died today. Political problems will not vanish. However, today’s baby step had to be taken and it was taken by a proud nation determined to turn over the page of tyranny and fear.


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