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Monday, January 10, 2005


I just cannot believe what a number of US soldiers did on Iraq’s streets. The situation exceeds what happened in Abu Ghraib to a number of prisoners by a number of US soldiers. I can’t believe how low the American soldiers can reach and why the media did not adequately make a huge bomb out of this terrible story.

Recent reports coming from Iraq indicate that US soldiers lured Iraqi girls as young as 12 years old into having sex with them. They manipulated those kids by offering them American made cookies and single dollar bills. Several preteen girls reported how they were forced to have sex with the soldiers in exchange for those goodies. It is a shame that the worldwide media is not exploding these stories into the face of the Pentagon. For how long will America be shielded from the holy watchful eyes of the mass media.

What happened was so appalling and…………………………what? What? I can hear someone telling me that I’m not reporting the true story. Oh I am sorry friends. The location of the scandal is not Iraq but Congo, and the perpetrators were not US soldiers but UN peacekeepers.

I apologize for the misinformation. However, I did mention one correct thing which was that the media treated this sex for food scandal as if it was reporting a car accident that an 80 years old Indian man had in Calcutta India. Well, I shouldn’t be that harsh on the media, after all, the UN has “moral authority” remember!

US soldiers mistreat a number of prisoners at Abu Ghraib Prison ...PRICELESS

US soldier shoots an injured insurgent…………… PRICELESS

UN soldiers sexually exploit preteen Congo girls --------WORTHLESS (who cares about black African girls anyway!)


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