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Thursday, February 24, 2005

I Have a Dream

I have a dream. I am obsessed with this dream. Everyday I search the news for any indication that my dream will ever come true. It is my euphoria, my ecstasy. Ohhhh, how sweet is this dream. If it came true, it will resemble a massive earth quake that will shake the Middle East. I believe it will have greater effects than the purple fingers revolution in Iraq or the Hariri revolution in Lebanon.

Now, for just a couple minutes, let us forget reality and imagine if we actually saw the below sequence of headlines:

Millions march through Tehran demanding freedom

Riots all over Iran

Student protesters occupy Tehran TV station

Government of Iran losing control

CNN’s Christian Annampour: These riots and demonstrations exceeds what we saw in 1979. The Revolutionary Guards of Iran fired live ammunition on the rioters to disperse them but the throngs are getting bigger and bigger.

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei delivers a speech promising reform and free elections. Students call for the government and the cleric based council to step down.

Iranian regime falls as military takes a neutral position

Iraqi and US forces seal of Iranian borders to prevent Iran’s deposed rulers from infiltrating inside Iraq


New Iranian leaders cut aid to Lebanese Hezbollah and Palestinian groups.

Lebanese opposition figures travel to Iran to forge ties with new Iranian officials.

Iran demands a withdrawal of Syrian troops from Lebanon and an end to the Syrian intelligence apparatus on Lebanese soil.

Iraq’s Muqtada Sadr dissolves his militia after losing his Iranian partner.

Middle East expert: the revolution in Iran is an indication of the failure of any religious based system of government.

Ohhhhh, please do not wake me from this dream. It is sooooooooo sweet. I have a dream.


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