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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

We Brought It Upon Ourselves

Two years ago I was following the aftermath of a suicide bombing in an Israeli café. As I was watching the carnage, my mind started to ponder upon something. What if the notion of suicide bombings was exported to countries outside Israel and Palestine? I asked myself. What if groups that doesn’t have anything to do with the conflict started utilizing the same weapon that we legitimize in Israel against their perceived enemies? Was our media and religious establishment opening a can of worms by justifying suicide bombings against Israeli civilians and blessing the perpetrators with martyrdom? I am afraid the answer turned out to be yes.

Suicide bombings jumped out of the Israeli and Palestinian territories and became the terrorists’ most deadly weapon today. Suicide bombers were used to try and assassinate Pakistani president Musharaf and other leaders across our region. They were used to bomb Shia mosques in Pakistan, Shia mosques in Iraq, and polling lines in Iraq. A suicide bomber also blew up the Saudi ministry of interior.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am worried!

I am worried because if someone managed to convince a person to sacrifice his life just to kill a number of Iraqi Shias in a wedding party then someone else can convince another person to sacrifice his life in order to kill Egyptian movie goers. The sky is now the limit and our media and religious establishment helped in creating this limit by not rejecting all forms of suicide bombings. I am not discussing the reasons that compelled a number of Palestinians to bomb themselves or what motivated them, all what I am referring to is accepting the notion of suicide bombings to be a phenomena in our region.

We’re now reaping the harvest that our media and religious clerics helped in sowing. By the way, I want to apologize for something. I forgot to tell you that it is very probable that Rafik El Hariri was killed by a suicide bomber as well!


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