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Saturday, February 05, 2005

We Need Political Discourse Before the Vote

I want to comment on yesterday's editorial in the New York Times.

If you can remember, I posted a comment when Ayman Nour's party was legalized. I said that the agenda of his party sounded attractive to me and I was impressed at the number of women and Christian members who founded the party with him. I also said that I thought about joining this party, an unprecedented move by my side.

I am 99% sure that political motives were behind his arrest. Nour was very vocal against President Mubarak's anticipated decision to run unopposed for office for a 6th term.

I admire Ayman Nour yet there are very few Ayman Nours on the political stage of Egypt today. We still need a lot of political discourse so that many progressive thinkers will start to pop up and compete with the awful old opposition entities we have today. For this to happen, President Mubarak can continue maintaining the lid over the ballot box for the time being, but he must allow more freedom as far as political discourse is concerned. In other words, I am against putting pressure on Mubarak to succumb to a national election, but I am for pushing him towards opening up the political atmosphere of Egypt.


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