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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Amina Wadud the zionist neocon imperialist american agent!

I am sure you all heard about Amina Wadud, the lady that lead an Islamic prayer service and caused huge controversy in the Muslim world. I spotted a number of articles in Al Ahram newspaper and couldn't stop laughting at how they explained "Amina's bomb". One author describe her as a neocon agent that neoconservatives in the Bush administration use to alter Islam to serve their interests. He cited the huge attention this event received in the American media and concluded that "America is trying to change Islam".

Fahmy Huwaidi, a known Islamist writer and a regular Al Ahram contributor, didn't go so far. He also position Wadud in the great conspiracy to fabricate Islam to serve the interests of the west.

I have one question for these people: what if Amina Wadud was from Mosambique? Will she still be a agent to the Mosambiquian neocons?!

I admire Amina Wadud so much. If I was in America, I would have surely gone to the church that she prayed in (no mosque in the USA allowed her to hold her service). I love people who challenge the status quo and rock some boats. To all her opponents I say: she was praying to Allah and not to my new god Neudenus!!


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