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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Ayman Nour Runs for President

Al Ghad party's newspaper appeared on the newsstands today. The main headline announced: From Tora prison, Ayman Nour declares his candidacy for president.

I am not sure when Ayman Nour will be released or how this case tarnished his image. However I was impressed from the view articles I read in the new paper.

One of the article discussed how the opposition parties were shattered by years and years of oppression and so today they don't have enough courage to come up with their own candidate. The article went on to add that today's opposition parties are composed of old politicians who are anonymous to the Egyptian public (do you guys remember when I wrote about that). Another article said that removing the Religion section from the identification cards do not contradict Islamic law. Egypt’s ID card has a section where the citizen has to mention his religion, Christians complain that this increases the discrimination against them in employment and other day to day issues. An article in the Al Ghad newspaper was critical of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Well, I think Ayman Nour and his party passed my test. I don’t know much about the guy, but his arrest infuriated me because I believe Egypt is looking and yearning for liberal democratic opposition figures to neutralize the power of the Islamists. I am seriously thinking about voting for him even though I believe Egypt is not ready to change its president at this stage in time.


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