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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Muslim Brotherhood flexes Muscles

The Muslims Brotherhood organized a rally today to demand for reform and an end to the emergency laws in Egypt. The organizers said that 3000 protesters were present, the government said 1000. Security was mega intense around the area and the government arrested around 50 MBs before the protest.

I believe that was an effort by the MB to flex its muscles and show its power after all the attention that Ayman Noor got over the past 2 months. They just want to say: hey, we're here, we're still the major opposition, and hell we're strong.

Now, I don't mind the full participation of the MB in the political process. However, I don't want to give them emancipation right now. First, they still do not believe in democracy even if they repeated the word "democracy" as much as they repeat the word "Allahu Akbar". After all, their leader is "selected" and not "elected". How can an organization preach and call for democracy while it doesn't practice it within its own structure? Second, they are definitely not liberal. Their agenda on women rights, Christian rights, freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom to change religion whether it is Islam or Komalizombanism (an African religion I never heard about!), etc, etc, is still very hazy.

Their full emancipation and embrace can only come when Egypt's liberal democrats strengthen their bones in Egypt and counter the influence of the MBs. In other words, when we have many more Ayman Noor's in Egypt's political arena, something I do not see as possible before a minimum of 5 years provided that President Mubarak will grant total freedom to these people.

The Muslims Brotherhood are not violent, but let us not forget that they are the roots of all terrorists organizations we see today. They provide the initial ideology, the initial first step, that people need before becoming full hardcore terrorists. They are the kindergarten that graduates non-violent kids who can become terrorists adults in the future. A person who enters the MB kindergarten can graduate and still become a nonviolent MB who wants to participate in Egypt's political life and use nonviolent means to change the country according to his beliefs. Another person who enters the MB kindergarten can graduate and later seeks higher education at Al Qaeda State University.


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