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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

The Terrorist Media Hub Gets Tarnished by Terror

That was the headline of an article written by a progressive Arab writer in liberal website The author was commenting on the bombing in Doha. I wish I can translate his article and post it here.

I wrote a post not long time ago about how the ruler of Qatar thought that he can "buy terrorists" and prevent attacks on his tiny country. He finances Al Jazeera, a channel with clear Islamist leanings and a mouthpiece for Al Qaeda, he hosts radical Sunni figures ranging from Algeria's Salafi leaders to Chechen seperatists, and he tries to portray his country as sempathatic to those radicals. In return for having the benefit of living under the auspices of his royal highness, those figures should keep their mouth shut regarding the huge US base nearby and the ever growing relations between Qatar and Israel. Islamist leaders from around the world flocked to a conference in Doha where they issued a communique calling for the "fighting of everything that attacks Muslims and their lands". The guys didn't mention a single word about the US base nearby that was used to attack both Afghanistan and Iraq!

It was so interesting to see how Al Jazeerah reacted to the bombing. First, they kept using the word "suicide bombing" over and over again when refering to what happened. Previous suicide bombings in Saudi and Iraq got labels such as "bombings", "someone bombed himself", "attack". The word "suicide bombing" was never used repetitively to describe attacks on Saudi and Iraqi soils. The words "suicide bombing" is more powerful than the words "someone bombed himself" due to the grave sin that suicide is in Islam.

Second, there is no tape until now! Whenever a terrorist attack occurs in Saudi, Al Jazeera airs a tape of the perpetrators who claim how their attack was directed at "the puppets of America and the infidel royal family". This time there is no tape telling us how this attack was a result of "the infidel Qatari ruler who hosts the largest US base in the region and who's wife invites Israeli ministers". Even after Hariri's death, Al jazeera had a tape for all of us to see. Where is the Doha tape Al Jazeera????

I couldn't stop laughing when I saw Sheikh Qaradawi gather his cronies in a demonstration against the bombing. I'm wondering why we haven't seen such protest when over 120 Shias were killed in Hilla or when the Saudi ministry of interior was bombed. What a pathetic idiot.

Emir Hamed Bin Khalifa, you cannot protect yourself from terror. You cannot write a contract with terrorists. Now, I can hear Saudi, Iraq, Kuwait, Algeria, Egypt, USA, Spain, and Indonesia telling you: JOIN THE CLUB SIR.


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