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Sunday, April 10, 2005

Iraqi New Prime Minister Hands Me 50 Egyptian Pounds!!

It might be a little bit later but I really want to share this. Right before the Iraqi elections a colleague at work told me that he is sure that "Allawi will be reinstalled by the Americans after the elections end and that these elections are a complete shame". "No, Sistani's list will win big time and Allawi will lose his job" I told him.

"Allawi is America's puppet, they will never accept someone with a religious background to become PM. You will see, after these shame and fraudulent elections, Allawi will still be enthroned by his American masters" he reiterated.

"I don't think so. Iraq will have a change of power after the elections period,
something we are not used to in the Arab world. You wanna bet that Allawi will
lose his job? 50 pounds OK?" I shot back.

"OK. 50 pounds" he answered.

Well, last Thursday Ibrahim Jaffari was sworn in and I got my 50 pounds ($8.6).


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