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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Let us take break from politics

Preparing to “enter”

One of the office boys who work in the company I am employed in is eating a lot of meat and shrimps these days. He is getting married tomorrow and he wants to garner as much energy as possible in order to perform spectacularly when he and his wife are behind a closed door for the very first time!!

Here in Egypt, traditions put so much emphasis on the sexual intercourse that usually happens on the first night of their marriage. A guy’s pride rests upon how well he performed sexually. The girl also takes pride in the fact that her husband deflowered a untouched virgin without any blemish. In the past, a relative used to visit the couple in the morning and see the blood stained sheets or garment. This custom subsided greatly but I believe it is still practiced in Egypt’s rural areas.

Due to the taboo that premarital sex is in conservative Egypt, this day is preceded with a lot of anticipation and anxiety from both the would be bride and bridegroom. Days before the wedding, the guy usually gets advice from his married buddies about how to assist his wife in getting rid of her anxiety and shyness as well as the different secrets that they discovered in the female body. The girl also gets her education lessons, usually from her mother or a close relative.

This special day is called “lelet el dokhla”. The literal translation is “the night of the enter”. I always wondered about why we use the word “enter” in particular. Does it mean entering a new phase in life? Entering life together? Or entering something else? Well, I’ll leave that to your imagination because I seriously don’t know the answer! LOL

Anyway, I love teasing the office boy by telling him stuff like “hey, don’t let us all down. We are counting on you. We expect a splendid performance!”. “Don’t worry, you will find me a lion running across the apartment!” he answers back. “Well, if you need help, just give me a call!!” I say. LOL

Personally, I don’t know what will happen with me. I am not married yet (that’s not an invitation for singles out there!) I guess I have to wait for my own “lelet el dokhla” and see what will happen. I’ll probably blog about it, provided that I don’t tell my wife about my blogging habit of course!


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