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Friday, April 08, 2005

Terror Hits Home

A horrible terrorist attack occurred in Cairo's historic area. Four people were killed among them French and an American tourist. 10 Egyptians were injured. The attack happened in an area that is over 1000 years old and a must see for any tourist visiting Cairo. The area is known for its historical beautiful mosques and bazaars.

It appears that a bomb on a motorbike exploded . The police arrested several suspects.

I am so depressed from what happened. I just hope that it is an isolated group that is not organized. My biggest fear will materialize if it turned out that the perpetrators were Al Qaeda or a newly formed homegrown terrorist organization. Egypt's own terrorist organizations that were active in the 90s announced that they turned their back to violence; I hope that we are not witnessing the birth of a new group that decided to continue with the terror.

UPDATE: The government said in today's papers that the attack was an isolated incident and the perpetrator was killed as well. They found pieces of his flesh and they are trying to identify him.


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