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Friday, May 20, 2005

Another Blow to America

I was not going to post today especially after my previous long posts. However, this cannot wait. A group of America or God knows who soldiers guarding Saddam decided to take pics of him in his underwear and give it to the Sun, one of the British newspapers that I think wants to see Iraq a more decent place. However, today, their stupid decision to publish will deal a HUGE blow to the US ONE MORE TIME across the Arab/Muslim world and the Sunni areas of Iraq. Their stupidity is unspeakable and what they did cannot be forgiven.

Now, the bigger problem is not with the Sun because those pics could have been published in any tabloid around the world. The bigger and most serious problem lies in this question: how much control does the Department of Defence has over its soldiers????? From the abuses in Abu Ghraib and Gitmo to taking pictures of Saddam in his underwear, it seems that the DoD has very very minimum control over how thousands of soldiers act around the world. One soldier can bring shame to 300 million Americans and damage the entire policy of the country.

It is understandable that preventing leakages is an impossible task. In Egypt, a tape showing a famous belly dancer and her millionaire husband while they were having sex was leaked out of the Egyptian police and ended up being sold between the Arab community in Dearbon, Michigan. However, a leakage from one of the most heavily guarded prison cells in the world is abhorrent.

I said it before and I say it one more time, the war in Iraq should have resulted in the sacking of both Kofi Anan and Donald Rumsfeld. Anan for the oil for food scandal and Rumsfeld for the awful prewar planning and his inability to control the behavior of 2 or 3 American soldiers. In any company, a CEO with such failures would have gotten sacked immediately, we're talking about the UN and the DoD here!

This coming after the Quran thing, not good at all. America is guilty even if proven innocent, that is the law of the land here. So if the US wants to "win hearts and minds" then stuff like these should never ever happen.


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