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Friday, May 13, 2005

The Medieval Party of America

Imagine that you woke up one morning, turned your TV on to ABC, and saw an anchor in military uniform reading the morning headlines.
"Good morning, this is Sergeant John Miller and I am brining news from the Defense Department. This morning, at 7 am, the Free Battalion headed by Sectary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld took control of all media outlets, infrastructure, and borders of the United States of America. This blessed revolution is aimed at riding the US of its corrupt special interests system"
America had just witnessed a military coup. Donald Rumsfeld installs his friend George Bush as an everlasting president of the USA. Bush then dissolves the congress, bans all parties, and literally takes control of everything in the US. Then he devises a system that makes it impossible for the American people to choose their own future leader. He also nationalizes all private businesses.

After 50 years

Today the American people got used to the system that the Free Battalion installed in the US 50 years ago. America now is living in dire poverty and lost its superpower status. The average American's main concern is to live another new day and put food on the table. The president is called Martin Obarak. President Obarak is not as ruthless as George Bush was 50 years ago. He allows very limited press freedom, there are opposition parties around him but they are nothing but paper mice (not even tigers), and freedom of speech is granted within limits. Obarak doesn't really care about how Americans live their private life as long as they don't venture into politics and oppose his regime. Unemployment passed 20% and over 50% of Americans are under the poverty line.

President Obarak's main opposition entities are composed of the following: secular democracy advocates, American nationalists, and The Medieval Party of America (MPA). The MPA's ideology is based upon their own interpretation of the Bible and how they regard the medieval period to be the golden age of Christianity. They believe that during the age when the church laws were the laws of the land, vice and sin were nonexistent and the community of believers was stronger. They blame America's forsaking of the medieval church laws as the reason for the country's current problems.

It is impossible to measure accurately the level of support that MPA enjoys within the American population, however, we know that the group is the most organized and the most popular when compared to other opposition entities. We also know that the American population is now turning to God as a result of the bad economic situation of their country and there is a possibility that many of them will find MPA's ideology appealing. Moderate Christians in the US are trying to tell people that medieval church laws were for that period only and they cannot be applied today, and that Americans should follow the basic tenants of Christianity while adopting laws that suit the year 2050. The Christian establishment and MPA condemned those moderate Christians calling them apostates and people who do not want the medieval glory of Christianity to return.

MPA is a nonviolent group but many violent groups emerged from under its ideological umbrella. One of those groups attacked the pyramids of Egypt, the world's superpower today, and caused the death of many Egyptians who were enjoying the sun there. The group claimed that Egypt is an arrogant superpower that persecutes its own Christian minority and works on killing Christians around the world. MPA condemned the attack on the pyramids but blamed Egypt for it.

Egypt is now convinced that it is the dictatorial environment of America that breeds terror. The President of Egypt Gamal Riceallah asked US president Obarak to liberalize the US political arena and allow free elections. President Riceallah is also convinced that MPA and the other nonviolent groups that subscribe to its ideology do have a following in the US and that there is no escape from accepting them into the political life. The aim of Egypt now is to include MPA and the other groups into the political stream of the US in order to minimize the possibility of them turning into violent radicals.

Under immense pressure from Egypt and internal forces, the political landscape of the US started to change a bit. Secular democracy advocates and nationalists are starting to pick up their voices and get their act together; however, it is very clear that MPA is dominating the scene as far as numbers is concerned. While welcoming the current changes in the US, secular Americans, moderate Christians, and American Muslims are concerned about the MPA. Many of them believe that if MPA got powerful as a result of a free election, they will pass laws from the medieval period and curb the limited freedom they were enjoying under President Obarak. They are in a dilemma. They hate President Obarak's dictatorship and the corruption in the US with all their heart, however, they are afraid of MPA & Co. especially when they look at how far behind the other political forces are. Should they embrace free elections now and hope for the best? Should they insist that time is needed for "non-MPA" political forces to get their act together?

What do you think?


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