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Sunday, May 15, 2005

Mubarak Lashes Out

President Mubarak lashed out against his opposition in a very unusual interview with a Kuwaiti newspaper. The fiery interview was also printed in the government owned Al Ahram newspaper. Below are captions of what he said:

On Opposition demonstrations: The demonstrations we’ve seen will force investors away and so lead to more unemployment. The demonstrations don’t have an agenda and they exist only to create disturbances that might harm the economy. I withstood a lot in order to avoid disturbances and when they happen in a havoc way, the investor will come and say “No, I’m not going to invest in this unstable country”.

On the attacks against him: I don’t care about those insults and I don’t read any of them.

On the kifaya movement: I know who is behind them whether Kifaya (enough) or the others. If I wish, it would be very easy for me to organize a demonstration with a little bit of money to chant Mosh Kifaya (not enough)

On America: The Americans receive reports from people who don’t tell them the truth and when you tell them the truth they perceive everything. The US and the EU receive irresponsible reports (about Egypt) that have an agenda and it is our duty to explain to them such reports and what the people behind them really want. Relations between Egypt and the US is strategic and I have a very good personal relationship with President Bush.

On the Muslim Brotherhood: They are seeking power and if they got it, they will rule forever and cause worries. They will start by calming the relations with the government, then they will cause political calamity before jumping to the power seat.

On the US’ dialogue with the Muslim Brotherhood: The Americans should understand that I am not sleeping and I receive updates about this dialogue on a constant basis.

The Evolution of My Brother

My brother is the complete opposite of me, he is not into politics and he doesn’t like my occasional pro-US stances. Most of his political opinions, if not all, come from our conversations over dinner. This provides me with the joy of exploiting his mind and messing up with his preconceived ideas.

My bro was so excited when President Mubarak allowed multiple candidacy elections. He told me that he will register to vote in his first elections ever. Upon Ayman Noor’s release, he immediately telephoned his friend to tell him the news. My bro was also so fond of the Kifaya movement and how courageous they were. He still thought that Mubarak should stay for another term, but like me, he welcomed the changes in Egypt’s political atmosphere. Those changes excited him so much.

It didn’t take long for me to lessen his excitement and add a “fear factor” to his life. I simply preached to him what I was preaching lately on this blog. I opened his eyes to the power of the Islamists and the weakness (but getting stronger) of the other political forces that oppose Mubarak’s regime. Now my brother wants to join the pro-Mubarak demonstrations. What a powerful thing fear is.

Am I evil? I don’t think so. Why then did I lessen my brother’s excitement? Well, I am just not the type of person who looks only under his feet. I do welcome what is happening in my country, however, as I said before, it would be a disaster for Mubarak to leave now in light of the weakness and the disarray of the secularist/progressive/nationalist forces.


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