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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Next Friday, the Muslim Brotherhood will hold a demonstration after prayer. They will protest the "desecration of the Quran" at Gitmo!

OK Guys, this is really getting on my nerves. If the Muslim Brotherhood and the powerful Saudi clerics won't say a word about those Iraqis getting killed, why not do something creative ourselves? So what are we gonna do? Let me tell you.

Saudi Arabia arrested 4 Egyptians because they had something very dangerous, something that would harm Saudi's national security. Guess what this something is? TNT? no. Cocaine? no. A Pamela Anderson porn movie? nope (it's already there in Saudi). Bible? Yes. Saudi authorities arrested 4 Christian Egyptian workers because they carried a Bible and we wonder what the Saudis did with the Christian holy book!! They probably MISHANDELED IT! So let us give the Saudi embassy in the US (that cares so much about saudi's image in America) a little bit of headache.

If you are an American, please go to your phone and call the Saudi embassy and ask about those 4 workers: Nabil Wasef, Hani Wasef, Youssef Wasif, Habeel Hana. Kindly tell me what happened by email or via the comments column. A phone call to the Saudi embassy won't cost much especially if you are in the US. I am waiting for stories!

Embassy of Saudi Arabia in the US:

(202) 342-3800

(202) 337-4076

Please be very polite.

N.B I will post on today's vote tomorrow.

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