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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Pandora's Box is open

UPDATE (May 4): It seems that Thomas Friedman read what I wrote in my post below!

I once wrote that accepting suicide bombings in Palestine as a "legitimate way of resisting occupation" will open up a pandora's box if the notion of "suicide bombings" got exported and used by terrorist groups around the world. My prophecy is being fulfilled. We are now getting cursed by crime we have legitimized as a society.

Our "intellectuals", media, and "religious" gang tell us that those who blow up themselves in an Israeli cafe are martyrs who will go straight to heaven. They tell us that those palestinians were helpless (how many helpless individuals are living on our planet??) and that blowing up themselves is their only desperate weapon. Those people failed to foresee what could happen if terrorist groups imitated what the Palestinians are doing.

Our "intellectuals", media, and "religious" gang are also indifferent to the daily suicide bombings that killed or maimed thousands of Iraqis. There was no outcry when a suicide bomber struck an Iraqi Shia wedding. And there was no outcry when a suicide bomber slaughtered more than 120 Iraqis in Hilla.

We are now reaping what we had sowed. Last Saturday's terrorist attacks in Cairo were suicidal in nature. In addition, there is another curse upon us right now. When the first female Palestinian suicide bomber blew herself up, we were all surprised and very few of us thought that she will go straight to hell. Now, we have our own female Egyptian suicide killers. The sky is the limit now to what might happen.

Is it about time to speak against suicide bombings? Is it about time to declare that suicide, any form of suicide, is a grave sin in Islam and all other religions? Is it about time to denounce any suicide bombing whether the victims are Israeli cafe goers, American soldiers in Iraq, Shias in a wedding, Iraqi kurds in a funeral, or tourists in Cairo?


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