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Saturday, May 21, 2005

Regarding My May 20 Post

This post caused a lot of uproar. While many people did not defend printing Saddam's pictures, they voiced their astonishment as to how people might get upset from Saddam's photos while it seems that no one gives a hoot about the daily massacres in Iraq, the head chopping, etc. I fully agree with this and I will dedicate a full post to share my point of view regarding this issue.

I would just like to point out that I was very angry at what the Sun and the New York Post did because of 2 things. First, I am sure you know by now that I do support the US' efforts in Iraq. Showing Saddam's pictures in his underwear might put a smile on the face of a Kurd in Irbil but it will definitely play out negatively in some parts of the Sunni triangle and this is bad news for everyone. Second, showing those pictures was wrong period. I am sure many agree with me. So this coming after the abuse scandal and the Quran story will only tarnish the US' image one more time and paint Americans with labels such as "disrespectful, obscene, etc". This is the reason why the US military was quick in denouncing what happened.

I can hear someone yelling "where is the uproar regarding the daily massacre of Iraqis?" Very valid question and I have touched upon this issue before. I will write more about this in the future. I the mean time read this and this (read They Said Terrorists)

As for Rumsfeld, I still stick to my opinion that he should have been sacked long time ago. The awful post war planning and the inability to control the bahavior of a number of soldiers are enough reasons to sack any CEO of a small company.

I respect Al Jazeera now!

I changed my opinion regarding Al Jazeera. Today I declare that I respect this professional channel. You know why? Well, Al Arabiyah, the Saudi owned rival of Al Jazeera, showed Saddam's picture in his underwear but Al Jazeera just told the story without showing the pics citing "ethical and professional reasons".

In addition, I discovered that not only AJ is professional and ethical, but it is also faithful. It is faithful to its previous donor who financed the channel with generous amount of money. They are also faithful to Uday Hussein whom Al Jazeera's previous manager used to visit for instructions. Wow, they are so faithful even if their donor is in prison and their instructor is dead.

OK, now let me think. Ummm, AJ thinks that showing Saddam's underwear is unethical and unprofessional while acting as Al Qaeda's mouthpiece, propagating terror in Iraq and giving a free podium to the head choppers is ethical and professional. Showing Saddam's underwear is unprofessional while it is professional to call the terrorist attacks in Baghdad and Cairo as "bombings" while the ones in Qatar as "suicide terrorist bombings".


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