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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Who needs Newsweek when you got Al Jazeera?

Last year when the coalition and Iraqi forces were fighting Muqtada Sadr's thugs, one of his militia members held an AK47 empty magazine (where bullets are kept) in front of Al Jazzera's camera and screamed "there are Israeli soldiers among them, Israeli soldiers are fighting us, look at this". There was a blue star of david drawn on the magazine in a very clumsy manner. The idiot used blue paint or a blue crayon to draw it.

Well, people like me won't believe the thug, I suppose that other AJ viewers with some grey cells inside their skulls won't believe it either, but what about the millions upon millions who watch AJ and will believe anything said against the US?

It seems that AJ wants to replace Newsweek after the magazine let it down by retracting its Quran into the super toilet story. A number of angry clerics in Ramadi paraded Qurans with bullet holes in them and crosses drawn across them to AJ's cameras. The channel played this segment over and over and over again. The US army issued a statement denying this report.

And the US base in Doha, Qatar is still there. And Rumsfeld still meets the Qatari ruler. And Qatar still gets pampered by the US. Now millions saw Qurans with "American" bullets in them and "Christian" crosses drawn on them, congratulations.

Zarqawi says it is OK to kill innocents. Oh the animal! Ops, PETA might sue me for saying that, well, oh the subanimal.


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