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Friday, June 24, 2005

Big Pharaoh in Al-Hayat

This blog was mentioned 2 times in Al-Hayat newspaper, one of the most popular pan-Arab papers in the region. The author, Jihad Al Khazen was investigating Arab blogs in a 6 parts series of editorials. He also mentioned other Egyptian and Arab blogs. Up till now, this blog appeared in Al Hayat for 3 times.

The author talked about my interview with the BBC radio and he stated that I was " neat in my speech but without mentioning my name". He mentioned how I told the interviewer that I wished the return of Egypt's "golden age" before the arrival of Nasser in 1952.

In his second editorial, Al Khazen wrote that this blog is "the most popular Egyptian blog". I am not sure if this is true, but I do think this blog is among the most popular Egyptian blog that are written in English. He goes on to say that an American blogger (he didn't say who) mentioned that this blog is "the best special voice coming from the Middle East" (blushes). I am not sure if I do deserve this title anyway.

If you can read Arabic, you can find the 2 articles here and here.


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