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Saturday, June 11, 2005

Here is a country that is in almost the same position as Egypt. A very weak secular opposition that does not have enough grassroots influence and a powerful Islamist opposition that has a big network of support across the country. The ruthless Syrian dictatorship, like its Egyptian counterpart, suppressed all forms of dissent and literally squashed the secularists. They also squashed the Islamists but those guys live and duplicate in thousands of mosques and religious based institutions. Secularists/progressives do not have the luxury of utilizing mosques and invoking religion in everything they do. This is the dilemma. My only hope is that in the coming years, secularists/progressives will begin to spread on a grassroots level to at least offer a counter to the Islamists or to simply water down their sh*t, to make it a little bit diluted like diarrhea and not bulky hard faeces. Do you guys know what I am talking about here?


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