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Monday, June 20, 2005

I apologize I didn't take many pics when I was in Alex. It was a business trip and so I didn't have much time to wonder around much. I hope you enjoy these.


Saad Zaghloul square. Zaghloul was a very prominent nationalist leader and one of my heroes. More about him here.


Saad Saghloul square. Now, where is the McDonald's sign in this pic??


The new library of Alexandria


New library of Alexandria


Shisha. Or water pipe or hookah or hubble-bubble. I smoked this thing when we went to a cafe. I am not a smoker but its hard to resist ordering a Shisha when everyone else is doing so.


This is what I have been doing at night! hehehehe. Stella is Egypt's most popular beer and a personal favorite. These small fish are called "psaria". They're delicious and great with beer. You just pick up a psaria and eat the entire thing. The yellowish thing is fried squids. This pic was taken in a bar situated in a very dark alley in downtown Alex. You enter the bar and you find yourself in the midst of a huge lively throng of Egyptian and foreigners. The bar's name is El-Sheikh Ali. More about it here.


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