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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Iraq Got an Ambassador

Egypt will send an ambassador to Baghdad for the first time since the fall of the Saddam regime. Almost all Arab countries did not send envoys lest they be seen as legitimizing the US "occupation". Iraqi official, Muwafak al-Rubaiie stated that he hopes other Arab nations will take the same action Egypt will take.

Something tells me that this move is the latest attempt by President Mubarak to improve damaged relations with the US and ease its pressure on him a little bit. Egypt has been heavily involved in the Gaza pullout thing and reining in Palestinian groups in an effort to achieve a peaceful Gaza pullout and to tell the US "hey, we're useful, so stop talking about democracy this much".

Well, if my government really wants to do something useful not just for the US but for the entire humanity, it could force Al Azhar (the world's most important Sunni university) to issue a simply yet clear-cut fatwa declaring that slaughtering Iraqis (a.k.a Muslims) is wrong and anyone who does that will go to hell. Very simple, very straightforward. The government could demand from its puppet, the Sheikh of Al Azhar, to cry out from his pulpit next Friday and declare that those who blow themselves up in order to kill Iraqi Shias, Iraqi policemen, and Sunnis who want to participate in Iraq's political life are infidels and on their way to hell. The government could also ask the Grand Sheikh to organize a huge anti-terror demonstration composed of fellow sheikhs denouncing the daily massacre of Iraqis. In addition, it won't harm at all if the government kindly asked its own media to stop calling mass murderers in Iraq as "resistance". This really gets on my nerves.

Source: Radio Sawa (Arabic)


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