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Friday, June 03, 2005

It seems that I got addicted to Flickr! I just want to post some pictures right now. Currently, I don't have photos I personally took and so I just surfed the internet for various pictures about Egypt. I hope you like them.


Largest Pyramid, Sphinx, and a camel. Note: I DO NOT ride a camel to work every morning! lol


helloooo. Wanna smoke?


The magnificent Red Sea.

e7 ramses II

Ancient Egyptian temple. Statue of King Ramses II.


"Hi, I'm an Egyptian mummy. How old are you? I am 5000 years old"


Ancient Egyptian mummified dog! That's great news, we can do what the ancient Egyptians did and have our pets with us forever.


Cairo at night.


Egypt's number 1 belly dancer, Dina!


King Farouk of Egypt (reigned 1937-1952). I always had this feeling that Egypt would have been in a much better position if he had stayed.


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