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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Sorry but I just can't help but comment on this.

So let us see what we have here. Israeli soldier enters prison cell, he tears the Quran, and then the Palestinian prisoner tells him "excuse me Moshe, just lay the Quran down so that I can take pics of it with my cell phone and send them to Jihad headquarters so that we can creat another Quran into the Gitmo super toilet story" . And are prisoners allowed to have cell phones inside their cells? And if cell phones were available, do you think the Israeli guards will tear the Quran and leave it there inside the cell especially after the Newsweek thing.

Anyway, keep those questions coming.

Q& A

Let us have a Q&A session. We haven't done that for a while. You are invited to send me your questions via email or the comments column. You can send any question related to politics, current events, Egypt, etc. I'll answer as many as possible and I don't promise that I'll have all the answers. Please no very personal questions though! Also, if you decided to use email, please write the word "Question" in the subject of your mail.

Update: I got tens of very interesting questions. I stopped receiving questions. Thanks for all those who sent questions and I'll post my answers as soon as possible.


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