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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Uncle Sam's Muslim Brotherhood

I couldn't stop laughing when I read Time's account of the Universal School in Bridgeview, Illinois. My fingers got swollen from typing the blog posts that foretold the changes I expect to occur in Egypt if the Muslim Brotherhood got powerful. Well, my torture is over now. If you want to know how a typical school will probably look like under a MB state, all what you need to do is visit Illinois! And in case you didn't know, Illinois is a state in the USA and not a rural village in southern Egypt.

Frankly speaking, I shouldn't be laughing really. I should be weeping because the Western mainstream media is telling the world that the only true faithful Muslims are those who wear the stupid cloth on their head (that was nonexistent 30 years ago) and separate boys and girls in schools. I should be weeping because Time magazine is showing us that only girls clad in black with no makeup on are the true Muslims who are struggling between their Islamic and their American identities. Meanwhile, those Muslims who disagree with the head veil, who think that Islam needs reform a la all major faiths, and who believe that we cannot live like our Muslim brethren did 1400 years ago are the "lesser Muslims" or the Muslims that are "out of the mainstream".

Well, actually, I shouldn't blame the western mainstream media. I should be blaming the fact that our Martin Luthers are persecuted and voiceless. They are so weak that their voices cannot be heard in the midst of the loud sound of Wahabism and MB ideology.

So, ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to a typical MB school in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia...Ops I mean Bridgeview, Illinois


The girls remind me of schoolgirls in Tehran who have a similar uniform (which they resent). Girls at Universal School are required to wear the veil. Wow, making the veil compulsory in an Illinois school, ummmm, how interesting. Schools in EGYPT don't have such an "Islamic dress code" and girls who wear the veil do so voluntarily. So, here is something that Egypt beat the US in, yeeepppi!


Boys and girls are separated once they grow up a little bit. I am expecting mixed schools in Egypt to get banned if the Muslim Brotherhood got more influence politically. It seems they already realized their dream in the US.


Now this is a picture that would definitely piss Nadz off. Nadz, if you're reading this please shout out.


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