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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Anti-Terror Demonstration

Egyptian American blogger Karim is organizing an anti-terror demonstration on the 6th of October bridge. A long bridge over the Nile. I am not sure about the numbers who will attend but I will definitly be there. If 20 people showed up, then we can call the demo a success. "No to Terrorism" banners will be held.

I am not sure if any media will bother to come but I know better than not acting towards what happened in Sharm El Sheikh.

Info for those who want to come:

Place: 6th of October bridge between Zamalek and Tahrir.

Time: 5:30 pm Cairo time

- wear white t-shirt
- Park your car in Zamalek (the Le Pacha area for example) and get on the bridge by foot
- Bring your friends.


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