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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

I Apologize

I apologize for telling you before that there is considerable tension in the relation between Muslims and Christians in Egypt especially in the lower middle and lower classes. It seems that I was wrong and both communities are living in harmony and sharing a lot of stuff. How did I know? Well, Pope Shenouda, the Pope of the Coptic Orthodox church, copied what his fellow Muslim preachers are saying and said in an interview that "women are not suitable for any religious position". "Not a Patriarch, a bishop, nor a priest, religious positions are not for women" he added. He justified this by saying that there are psychological differences between a man and a women.

Wow, it's nice to share stuff between brothers.

Well, a woman can be an engineer, doctor, president, or a boxer yet she cannot be a bishop!

I know that women in ministry is a controversial issue in the West and other Christian regions too, however, the status of women improved a lot especially in the fast growing evangelical church, all because of the magic word: reform. For example, the popular American Bible teacher Joyce Meyers is very popular even in Egypt. As far as I know, her Arabic translated books are sold in almost all Christian bookstores that cater to the evangelical/protestant community or to all 3 main denominations (orthodox, catholic, and protestant).

Source: El Osboa (Arabic)


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