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Sunday, July 10, 2005

On the ambassador

Here is how the Egyptian media dealt with the killing of our ambassador in Iraq.

The government owned official media condemned the killing and called al-sharif “a martyr” and the killers “terrorists”. I find that ironic because a day before his killing the same media branded the terrorists with terms such as “militants”, “armed groups” and “resistance”. However, after the killing of a government official in Iraq, the state media cannot call the killers anything but terrorists. Will it always be the case? No. Give it a week or 2 and the killing of al-sharif will soon be forgotten and we’ll return back to the original terms. I hope it doesn’t turn out to be that way and we witness a shift against the terrorists in Iraq. I doubt that though.

The opposition media blamed the government and said that al-sharif’s blood is on “the government hands”. Well, the opposition is an opposition, they blame anything that happens on the ruling party. In addition, the opposition is stuffed by some of the most ferocious anti-America entities (radical leftists, radical Arab nationalists, and Islamists) and so those blamed the government for sending an ambassador to “occupied Iraq” without expressing an atom of condemnation for what the terrorists did. These people support the killers in Iraq even if those killers slaughtered Egyptians at the base of the pyramids. They support the killers because the killers are against America and they are with whomever is against America, period.

Will the general public turn against the terrorists in Iraq? I don’t think so. First, Iraq is currently not on the mind of the average Egyptian. The daily life struggle is chocking any attempt to sit down and contemplate on what happened to al-Sherif and come up with an opinion. Second, the media is the only tool capable of doing any change in the public sentiment. Al Jazeera will never turn against the terrorists (they might do so if it was the Qatari ambassador who got killed), the opposition media is blaming the government and not the killers, and I expect the official media will return to its original position once what happened is forgotten.

It is worth mentioning that all entities, the government, the opposition, and the religious establishment, condemned the killing but I am talking here about whether what happened to the ambassador will cause a shift in the sentiment visa vie the terrorists in Iraq.

I have to admit that I read a number of articles in both official and opposition newspapers attacking the tactics of the terrorists, but those articles are exactly like someone singing “old McDonald has a farm” right in the middle of a fully packed soccer stadium.

Anyway, I’ll end this post with what I heard from a colleague of mine this morning. He told me that he watched an interview with al-sharif’s daughter where she said something remarkable. She was living with her dad when he was Egypt’s envoy in Israel and she said: we lived among the Jews for 4 years and nobody touched us, and now when my father went to an Arab Muslim country, he got killed immediately.”

Egyptian Person has more reactions here.

Sleeping with the viper

You’re mowing your grass, suddenly you saw an ugly poisonous viper right in front of you. You run to fetch an axe in order to kill it but your wife screams at your face and orders you to stop.

“Are you crazy? You want to kill a living soul! You are barbaric” she screams.
“But its dangerous. It can kill us” you say.
“No, it is not. And what options do you have. Do you want to kill it and commit murder? Do you want to throw it out of our house so that some viper hunter will take it and abuse it. PETA will not be happy with that. You should respect the Universal PETA Rules. Now I want to teach you a lesson you barbaric human being. I am going to sleep with the kids and you’re going to sleep with the viper” your wife says.
“You heard me honey. The viper is sleeping in our bed, right beside you so that you learn how to respect animal rights”

So, you pick up the viper and place it in your bed. The viper sleeps peacefully beside you for 3 days. On the fourth day, you wake up screaming. The viper bit you.

Pop Quiz:

Why am I telling you this story? What do I want to say exactly?

You don’t know?

Well, I’ll give you a hint: London is your bed.


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