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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Terrorists mix candy with blood

US soldiers were distributing candy to a group of Iraqi kids. A terrorist didn't like it so he slammed his explosives ladden car in the US soldiers and the children around them. One US soldier and 2 dozens kids were killed. Wow, how wonderful the resistence is!

Upon reading this story, I immediately logged on to Al Arabiya and Al Jazeera websites. Here is how the 2 channels covered the same story:

Al Arabiya:

- Al Arabiya mentioned that kids were killed
- They mentioned the "candy story"

Al Jazeera:

- Al Jazeera website did not mention that kids were killed. They just said that "24 Iraqis and one US soldier was killed".
- They did not mention the "candy story".

I have mentioned before that Al Arabiya channel started to take an anti-terrorists in Iraq stand when the great Abdul Rahman al Rashed became its general manager.

My web counter indicates that I do get a lot of visitors from the US State department and the Department of Defence. To those people I want to say this: the war on terror will never be complete unless there a change in the top managment of Al-Jazeera. The ruler of Qatar must be forced to fire Al-Jazeera's top management and replace it with a sensible one just like what the Saudi owners of Al Arabiya did. The ruler of Qatar must be forced to do so even if this means shutting down the huge US base in Doha.

Dear readers, please send this post to any official you know.

Al Jazeera's story (Arabic)
Al Arabiya's story (Arabic)

Update: Al Jazeera's Arabic website now (at last!) mentioned that 13 children were killed. However, this is mentioned only in the body of the story and not in the headline as every other news agency did. It seems that AJ reached the conclusion that they cannot hide the fact that 13 kids were killed especially after all major agencies reported that. However, AJ said that they were killed as "the bomber was targeting a US convey" (in a way of adding some legitimacy to the terrorist). And by the way, no word was mentioned on the "candy story". The kids were murdered as they were receiving candy from US soldiers.

The US should give the ruler of Qatar a choice: either you choose us or you choose Al Jazeera and your relationship with the world's most radical forces, you cannot have both your royal highness. Will the US do that? Or its hands are still tied because of the need for the US base in Doha?

Al Jazeera's "improved story" (Arabic)


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