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Saturday, July 23, 2005

This is Egypt you dogs of hell

Terror hit the nerve of Egypt's tourism. The Sharm El Sheikh resort is literally the epicenter of the tourism industry. One of Egypt's most beautiful spots. The terrorists knew where to hit. They knew where it will hurt. Up till now we know that 4 car bombs killed 43 people. The explosions were in different places across the resort.

The attacks were very well organized and very sophisticated. We truly entered world war 3.

I have been to Sharm countless times. As I was hearing the eyewitness reports, I could feel I was standing right there. The attacks are very serious and deadly to Egypt.

I just remembered the headline of an article written by Sayed El Qimni (who stopped writing after receiving threats) right after the Taba bombings last year. The headline read: This is Egypt you dogs of hell.

May God save us and have mercy on those who perished.

Update: News reports say 49 dead and 7 car bombs.

Update: The front side of a hotel was completely destroyed. Bodies were all over the place. The dead included Egyptians, Britons, French, Spaniards, Dutch, Qataris, Kuwaitis. You can almost find any nationality in Sharm.

Update: 85 people killed. I called someone I know who owns a shop in the Sharm market. He was in Cairo on his way to Sharm when his bus was ordered to return back to Cairo. He told me that he plans to shut down his shop in Sharm and return back to his hometown of Luxor. "Tourism is over in Sharm" he told me.
A friend of mine called me and told me that one of his friends was sitting in a cafe 50 meters away from one of the explosions. He told him that he saw pieces of body parts all over the place and burned bodies that looked like charcoale.

Update: Police say that 2 cars and a possible suitcase full of explosive might be behind the attacks. Most of the dead are Egyptians.

Update: I am trying to contact people so that we can carry out an anti-terrorism demonstration anywhere with any number of protesters. I am not sure if I will succeed or fail.

Update: I was in a cab today. The can driver told me that he was shocked by what the barbarians did. "What did those innocent people do to derserve such a death" he said. "These are people who just want to earn money to feed their children".
The radio in the cab was on. Egypt's foreign minister was talking about a phone call he got from Britain's Jack Straw. He went on to add that in the past Britain always issued warnings against traveling to areas that were hit by terror attacks. Now the British government adopted a new policy that do not issue such a warning. "They believe today that we cannot defeat terror by hiding but by confrontation" he said.

I am not sure if that will help Sharm. I read reports that tourists are already leaving. But this is defintly a good move by the British.

I hope that we as Egyptians would take such a confrontational stand. I hope that any protest can be organized. I hope that our "intellectuals" will abandon their "this-is-because-of-dictatorship" and "this-is-because-of-Iraq" and "this-is-the-work-of-the-mossad-no-egyptian-can-carry-out-such-an-attack" arguments and other excuses that come out of their mouth. I hope they see the only truth I am seeing which is that innocent Egyptians and others were killed on Egyptian soil. PERIOD.


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