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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Was Iraq behind 7/7?

People are asking whether Iraq motivated the terrorists who attacked London on 7/7. Anti-war activists and other whenever-sh*t-happens-blame-the-west folks claim that, without a shadow of a doubt, Iraq was what drove those 4 young men to bomb the 3 subway tubes and the bus. Many, if not the majority, within Britain's "disenfranchised" Muslim community are saying the same thing: if Tony Blair hadn't join George Bush, London would have not been attacked. So, was Iraq behind 7/7? The answer is a tiny yes and a big no.

The tiny yes.

OK, the 4 guys might have killed 54 people in London because of Iraq. They were under the influence of a fiery sheikh who kept bombarding their "disenfranchised" British Muslim minds with words such as "look what the British are doing in Iraq, they are killing innocent Iraqis along with their infidel American brothers", "look at Gitmo, 500 brothers were tortured there, look what happened in Abu Ghraib, they kill innocent Iraqis everyday". The 4 guys heard such rhetoric and remembered how "disenfranchised" they were within Great Britain's 5 o'clock tea drinking society and so decided to blow up some subway tubes and buses.

Now, since we established the fact that Iraq might have been a motivation, let us look at 2 points. First, if Al-Qaeda folks really wanted to send a message to the British people that Blair's involvement in Iraq was what motivated their attack, why didn't they recruit 4 Iraqis to do it? That would have nailed the message so well. The perpetrators were 3 Pakistanis and 1 Jamaican. I am sure that finding Iraqis to carry out the attacks wouldn't have been impossible. If an Egyptian was willing to murder tourists and fellow Egyptians in Cairo, and if a hippie from San Francisco was willing to fight against his own country along with the Taliban, then I suppose finding 4 Iraqis wouldn't have been unattainable. Al Qaeda just had to search a little bit hard within Britain's Iraqi community that was overwhelmingly in favor of liberating their country from Saddam's rule. They also had to recruit a Shia, a Sunni, a Kurd, and a Christian (how they'll recruit the Christian, I have no idea) to represent the nation of Iraq in bombing London!

Second, we haven't heard anything from Al-Qaeda about the massacres of innocent Iraqis that their fellow "freedom fighters" are committing every single day. Last week, a "brother" of the 4 London terrorists drove his explosives laden vehicle into a group of children receiving candy from US soldiers. Over 20 kids were slaughtered. Were the 4 London "freedom fighters" avenging for the death of such kids, or they only avenge for the death of those who are killed as a result of an American and/or British military action?

The big No

No, Al Qaeda only uses Iraq and the Palestinian issue in recruiting weak souls. However, the absence of the above 2 factors will not prevent the terrorists from attacking. The 19 guys who committed the 911 attacks went to their Florida flight schools in June 2000, in the heights of the peace talks when Bill Clinton was working his ass off to create a Palestinian state.

I will tell you something that you ought to never forget. Write this statement on a piece of paper and stick it on your fridge: The sky is the limit with terrorists. If a terrorist in Baghdad found legitimacy in slaughtering over 20 kids who were receiving candy from US soldiers, then another terrorists will find his own "legitimacy" in attacking a target in Cairo, Riyadh, Paris, and London. Don't worry; they have a bag full of "legitimate motivations."

You want a proof for what I'm saying? Well, look at France. It is probably the most anti-US policies country in the world and the most pro-Palestinian cause European nation. A nation that Arabs and Muslims adore. Yet France has anti-terror laws that are not available in other European countries. Why? It seems the French stuck my statement on their fridges long time ago: The sky is the limit with terrorists.

Dear Disenfranchised British Muslim,

If you are feeling disenfranchised within Britain's society. If you feel like a black chick among yellow ones. If you don't like how the British culture is pulling you away from Islam. If you feel that the native Brits are weird creatures on their way to hell. If you don't see yourself "in". If you are feeling isolated. If you feel that you are more Muslim than British and more Pakistani than British. If what is binding you to Britain is your job and the taxes you pay. If you are angry with Tony Blair's policies and feel that they are personally targeting you. If all what you do in Britain is whine about how undemocratic, racist, bigot, and horrible the native brits are. Please rest assured because I have a special place for you that would make you feel much more comfortable. It is called Heathrow Airport. A very nice place really. Trust me, I've been there.


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