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Sunday, August 07, 2005

2 Worlds Apart

I have a daily habit of checking the news headlines on Yahoo every morning. Around one week ago, I logged on to Yahoo and saw this headline “NASA sends Discovery to space”. Right underneath this headline was another one “Iraq constitution might undermine women’s rights.”

“Wow, what a difference” I said. Here are NASA women sending a shuttle to space while Iraq’s Shia parties and their women puppets in parliament are trying to unfairly use religion in suppressing the rights of women.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the main reason for the ailments of this region. Besides the dictatorial regimes governing us, we have another dictator: the dictator of the mind. The use of religion to draw us backwards instead of forward and to place a gloomy dark cloud over our minds so that it paralyzes our ability to think rationally. Ironically, religion was meant to be a modernizing force and a mean of changing the old status quos. It’s funny how humans can transform it into a force of destruction.

The US, which has tremendous influence in Iraq, must exert maximum pressure on the Shia religious parties in order to prevent this disaster from happening. If Iran is interfering in the political dynamics of Iraq, then the US should do so as well. And it is not only me who is asking for this, Iraq’s women activists found no one to raise their concerns to except the American ambassador Khalilzad!


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