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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The clash of civilizations

Omar's (Iraq The Model) post today was about a demonstration by more than a hundred Iraqi women who were calling for their rights and raising their concerns regarding the current draft of Iraq's constitution. I paused a little in front of 2 particular pictures and started to ponder about their true meaning.

By God, which group of women look more forward looking, civilized, and hopeful? Which group of women would you like to be filling your country? I am not the kind of person who judges people by how they dress or by how they interpret their religion, but forgive me, I cannot help but say that those who want to suppress women in the name of God are purely wrong and I wish that they vanish from this world. Come on, which group is more likely to produce Iraq's Oprah Winfrey or Iraq's Carly Fiorina.

This group

Or that group

And please don't tell me that the unveiled jeans wearing ladies are less Muslim than the women who are clad in black. Please don't try to convince me that Allah or God who created Mars, Venus, Jupiter, the rivers, the roses, and the water falls had a bad day today because a group of Iraqi women dressed in jeans decided to braze the terrorists and a terrible weather to demand equal rights and a better life.

Here is what I wrote a few days ago about the clash of civilizations we're undergoing here. I will write more about this topic in the coming posts.

N.B. These brave women need US help. They need the US to exert pressure on the Shia "religious" parties or talk to the Kurds and ask them to make a fuss if the rights of women were undermined. I hope what they did today will not be in vain.


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