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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

I Have Hair, So Do You!

I have a female friend whom you have to think twice before telling her something that doesn't make sense. She always lashes back with the most powerful arguments you'll get.

Anyway, this friend was once in a cab. She took her pocket size Quran out of her bag and started reading in it. The cab driver saw her in the rear view mirror.

Driver: Since you're religious and you read the Quran, why aren't you wearing the hijab (head cover).
Friend: Why would I wear it?
Driver: So that you protect your hair and yourself from the "eyes of men."
Friend: And why aren't you wearing a hijab?
Driver: How come, I'm a man.
Friend: Yea but you have very attractive hair. Do you think I cannot get attracted to your silky hair? Don't I have feelings as well?
Driver: (speechless)

Hats up for my friend.


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