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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Welcome to the Club Madame et Monsieur

“Death to England, death to Germany, death to France, death to the United States, death to Israel.” That’s what the Iranian government’s militia chanted in front of the British embassy in Tehran.

That’s awesome news. I would like to congratulate my European friends for joining Iran’s “Great Satan Club”. I am so glad you’re in.

See, These are the options regarding the Iran issue:

-US and the 3 Europeans countries work side by side in pressuring Iran and threatening to take the issue to the security council.

-US tacitly coordinates with the Europeans while at the same time stands at a little distance with its own stick.

-Military action

I go for the first option. We have seen that when the US and Europe work together, they can do wonders. Lebanon and the peace treaty of Sudan are excellent examples. It would be very counterproductive if any rift starts to emerge between the US and Europe.

The military action option should be removed from the table for two main reasons. First, the US cannot engage in another military conflict. Second, if Iran is to be free, the Iranians themselves should be the ones who throw their own dictators. A military action will rally the public around the mullahs and destroy the Middle East’s ONLY true hope for a secular democratic country. The military option should not even be considered an option, not for the sake of the Mollahs but for the Iranians.


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