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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Why Not Play it Dirty?

Time magazine just informed us that Iran is supplying the terrorists in Iraq with sophisticated roadside bombs that have already killed American and British troops. In addition, the theocracy has managed to exert tremendous influence in south Iraq via the Iraqi Shia parties that were stationed in Iran and by infiltrating thousands of religious charities and networks in Iraq. In fact, one of Iraq’s most powerful militias that are keeping the peace in the South, the Badr Brigades, were formed in Iran and are being financed by it to this very hour. Given the hands off approach of the British, Iran has managed to form a satellite state right in the oil rich South.

It might be confusing as to why Iran would support the terrorists and at the same time ensure that there is a friendly regime in Baghdad. I guess Iran does want to maintain control over the powerful Shia parties yet at the same time it wants the US to bleed slowly in Iraq and keep it occupied there.

It is very obvious that the US and Britain do not have a card to play visa vie Iran. The nuclear issue doesn’t look as if it is having an effect on Iran’s behavior. In addition, a revolution that will eliminate the regime there is not likely to happen in the near future. The Iranian people, especially the youth, are living in tremendous political apathy and anther mass revolution is currently not on their minds. This might change however if the rule of the new president eradicated the few freedoms that they enjoyed under Khatami and the economic situation stayed as it is today. But right now, a change in Iran’s behavior or a regime change in Tehran are very unlikely to happen.

Well, I came up with a card that the US can play. It is not a very clean card, but my sinful man tells me that sometimes such dirty cards do work. My idea goes on like this: if you are messing in Iraq’s south and helping the terrorists, we’ll mess up with your Arab and Kurdish territories.

The persecuted Arabs and Kurds of Iran hate the Mollahs’ guts. And the Mollahs freak out whenever there is unrest in the oil rich Arab areas or in the Kurdish towns. They brutally suppressed the protests that were carried out by these 2 people not long time ago. In fact, the Kurdish protests were a few days ago and they were put down by helicopters and live ammunition.

Luckily, the Kurds live in the Iran-Kurdish Iraq borders. A smart CIA team can establish contacts with Kurdish Iranian leaders (with possible help from the Kurds of Iraq) and sneak through weapons and other stuff that would piss off the Mollahs. The same could happen with the Arabs. They also live along the Iran-Iraq borders.

Imagine this: armed Arab and Kurdish rebels messing up Khamenei’s heavenly dreams at night. Splendid! After messing up with his bed time, the coalition can have a very effective card to play in Iraq.

I hate these type of tactics and this option might backfire, but I believe that’s one of the very few choices available. What do you think of this card?


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