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Monday, September 26, 2005

Oil and Military Bases Sniffing

Spain sentenced Tayseer Alouni, Al Jazeerah's reporter, for 7 years in jail after he was found quilty of "collaborating with a terrorist organization."

Nobody needs Alouni's case to realise that Al Jazeerah is Al Qaeda's media pundit. Plus, I expected anything from a channel whose former manager used to receive guidance from Uday Hussein, and was caught on tape doing that. (I saw the tape)

We all know that Al Jazeerah channel is financed by Qatar's government and that the media outlet is an indispensable tool in Qatar's foreign policy and its status within the Gulf area and the entire Arab world. Qatar is also one of America's most closest allies (a fact Al Jazeeah doesn't discuss much) and we know that the US has the largest base in the region right in Doha. That entails that only the US can pressure the Qatari ruler to fire the channel's radical management and replace it with a more moderate one a la what Saudi Arabia did with Al Arabiyah.

Why can't the US do that? The answer to this question is the same as the answer to the question of why the US treats Saudi Arabia (regarding things concerning terrorism) with the same caution I always have when I carry my mama's China plates. The answer is simple. The US is addicted to two weird things it receives from other countries: oil and military bases. As someone who agrees with the USA in 70% of what it does, I hope it breaks loose from those 2 addictions.


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