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Monday, September 26, 2005

Turkish Katrina vs Kurdish Katrina

Iranian Kurdish blogger comments on what he perceives as the differece between the Turkish and Kurdish reaction to Katrina in New Orleans. This blogger always questioned the wisdom of US-Turkey relations in light of the tremendous anti-Americanism prevailing in Turkey's society.

This is so unfair. I watch May Chidiac on the LBC channel. She is a very talented and serious anchor. I can't believe how up till now no one knows who is hunting down Lebanon's most prominent anti-Syria media personalities. Do you really think Syria is killing them? I mean with all what's going on with the Hariri investigations and stuff, how can Syria go on killing more people? I guess we have to just follow the logic of Lebanese politics: don't ask who, don't ask why.

I hope May will return again to LBC's TV set even with her limbs gone. That would be a perfect defiance to the terrorists.


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