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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Virgin Megastores will open up their first store in Cairo. I remember traveling across Europe and envying the people there for having such an awesome music store. I don't need to feel jealous anymore. I just hope Richard Brandson (one of my favorite business tycoons) will inaugurate the store by himself just as he did with the one in Beirut, Lebanon.

Also Levi's is making its retail debut in Egypt as well. They'll be selling original Levi's jeans. I am not sure if the jeans will be manufactured in Egypt though. I know that Nike Egypt make their cotton wears (t-shirts, etc) in Egypt but not their shoes. It seems that Egyptian workers still didn't reach the skills of their Asian counterparts as far as manufacturing shoes is concerned. All of Nike's shoes are made in Asian countries.

Now, I remember as I was buying my CDs from Virgin Megastore in Paris and London, I wished that one day we will be having Virgin in Egypt. It seems that my dreams do come true. I am now dreaming of


and this

Let us wait and see who makes it to Egypt first.


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