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Monday, October 10, 2005

Here's The Score Mr. Galloway
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Right before the start of the war in Iraq, I heard radical leftist British MP Georges Galloway say the following on TV: "Bush will fall, Blair will fall, Howard will fall, Berlusconi will fall, Aznar will fall"

Even though the war in Iraq was indeed controversial in the countries that joined the coalition, it is very interesting to see whether Galloway's prophecy did come to past. The truth is: it didn't.

Bush: reelected

Blair: reelected

Howards: reelected

Junichiro Koizumi : reelected by a landslide. Koizumi is Japan's first prime minister to deploy troops after the second world war.

Aznar: lost even though he was leading in the polls a day before the Madrid bombing. He lost because he lied to his people right after the bombings.

Berluscouni: Elections next year but he is likely to lose.

And guess what happened today, Germany's Shroeder is gone for good. Angela Merkel became the country's first female chancellor. Even though Merkel didn't manage to fully convince the German people with her economic plan (she didn't get enough votes to rule alone), I believe her presence will be felt in foreign politics.

Newsweek discusses America's friends in the mountains: the Kurds. When will the US pick up the Kurds and dump the America hating Turks?

I mentioned before that, regrettably, the media, the religious leaders, and many on our "street" think that katrina was a punishment from God for the US. Well, if Katrina was America's punishment, what about Pakistan's earthquake that killed over 30,000 poor Pakistanis? Was God punishing Pakistan because Pervez Musharaf is considered a "US allie"? If your answer is yes, then please be advised that you need to visit a doctor.

French Terror Cell Linked to Iraq al-Qaida

A French terror cell suspected of plotting attacks on the subway and other targets in Paris had contacts with Iraq's al-Qaida leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, a leading French counterterrorism official said Monday.
France should end its occupation of Iraq now!!

Update: Belgium Is Trying to Unravel the Threads of a Terror Web

The random arrest set in motion a cascade of events that underscored the extent of the radicalization of young Muslims throughout Europe - and a rapidly expanding and homegrown terrorist threat.
Belgium should end its occupation of Iraq now!!

Once, in his Tel Aviv office I took note of a lava lamp standing on his desk. He laughed, thinking that I thought of Egyptians as militaristic and had mistaken it for a model of an Egyptian missile. Two days later a limo from the Egyptian Embassy turned up at my home delivering the lava lamp as a present from Ihab, and presumably from the people of Egypt.
Check out Yaakov Kirschen's, Israel's Dry Bones cartoonist, account of his friendship with Ihab al-Sharif, Egypt's assasinated ambassador to Iraq (and previously Israel).


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