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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Iraqis Do It Again

One more time, millions of Iraqis didn't fail to amaze the world with their courage.

Even though I now admit that I believe the Iraq war was an unnecessary mistake, I think we don't have the luxury of sitting back and just repeating the "it was a mistake" chorus. In spite of yesterday's successful referendum, we still cannot anticipate whether Iraq will produce an acceptable outcome or not. All we have to do is stay the course, its the only option we have.

Yesterday's vote was not about a "yes" or a "no" to the constitution, it was about the "Sunni vote". Fortunately, the Sunni turnout was rather high and this in itself was yesterday's real good news even if the constitution was rejected.

Frankly speaking, I wish the constitution fails to receive the three thirds majority in 3 governorates (Sunni governorates). This will show the Sunnis that they can replace their support for terrorists with a ballot. In addition, I hate Iraq's current parliament. It has many Iran-backed cronies as well as it is not representative of the 3 Iraqi segments. If the constitution was annulled by the 3 Sunni provinces, the current parliament will dissolve paving the way for a new parliament and fresh discussions on the document.
The huge future milestone is the coming parliament elections on December 15th. Many expect the secular forces of Iraq (headed by Ayad Allawi) will coordinate with Sunnis (Islamists and secularists) in order to offset the power of Iran in Iraq. The Allawi coalition is likely to receive considerable support from Arab countries (i.e $$$) and the US.


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