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Friday, October 28, 2005

Religious Interconnection Vigil

There will be an interfaith vigil next Sunday October 30th (6:30 pm) in front of the Basilica Church in Heliopolis. The vigil is aimed at expressing Egypt's social harmony between Muslims and Christians especially after the events in Alexandria.

I am sure you all know that I believe that such social harmony has disappeared over the past 20 years or so, yet holding such a vigil is a good idea and that's why I'm mentioning it here.

Date: Sunday October 30th
Time: 6:30 pm
Venue: In front of the Basilica church in heliopolis (next to Al Horria Mall)
Comments: Wear a white t-shirt and bring a candle

For more info, check One Arab World

Mahfouz's Days

Naguib Mahfouz (age 94), Egypt's Nobel literature laurate, had this to say about Muslim-Christian relations during his times:

"Every society in the world has a core of beliefs that defines its way of life. For Egypt one such premise was national unity. My generation stuck together. We didn't think of ourselves as Muslims and Copts but as Egyptians. And this was at a time when the British were still in Egypt and political strife was a daily phenomenon. In his memoirs Lord Cromer said the only difference between a Muslim and a Christian in Egypt is that one goes to a mosque and the other to a church. Aside from that they live the same way, observe the same traditions and share the same language and culture.It was only by chance we would know the religion of a friend. No one asked and no one paid much attention. I discovered that one of my closest friends was Christian only when his father died and I was told that he would be available for condolences at the church. In my time the cabinet included 12 ministers among which it was customary to have at least two Copts. Wissa Wassef, a Copt, was parliamentary speaker for many years. When prime minister Ismail Sidqi, a Muslim, disbanded parliament Wassef attacked him fiercely and was hailed as a national hero for doing so."
(Source: Miss Mabrouk of Egypt)

Sorry Mahfouz, your days are forever gone. I don't expect them to come back in my lifetime. I would be a very decomposed dead body if my grandchildren were to experience what you experienced. The damage done to Egypt and to the Egyptian psyche was so great.

I blame the crazy military dictators who ruled Egypt since 1952. They destroyed our soul, they destroyed our will. And I blame the foul wave of religiousity and fundamentalism that started to invade Egypt 20 years ago. It destroyed our mind, our intellect, and our hearts.

The UN Adds

It seems that it's not just a number of "Bush" senators who are saying that British MP George Galloway took money from Saddam Hussein. The UN report that was released yesterday said the same thing as well.

"The new claims came in a United Nations report which alleged that Mr Galloway's wife, Dr Amineh Abu Zayyad, received more than $120,000 (£80,000) into her personal bank account.
The investigation also alleged that he received more than 18 million barrels of oil both directly and indirectly and that 11 million were allocated in his name.

The development comes a few days after a US Senate Committee accused Mr Galloway of lying about the oil allocations under oath."
(Source: The Telegraph)

Down you go you scum.


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