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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Saudi Blogs!!

Reporters Without Borders says that Saudi Arabia blocked! I just emailed Saudi Jeans to get more info.

Update: Blogger isn't blogged anymore in Saudi Arabia. Saudi bloggers are confirming this. (Hat tip: Miss Mabrouk of Egypt)

Iran "behind attack on British troops"

"Britain has accused Iran of responsibility for explosions which have caused the deaths of all eight UK soldiers killed in Iraq this year.

A senior British official, briefing correspondents in London, blamed Iranian Revolutionary Guards.

He said they provided the technology to a Shia group in southern Iraq. The Iranians had denied this, he added."

If that's not a casus belli, then what a casus belli is? Iran is acting like the unstoppable bully on the block who is not afraid of anyone. Remember Time magazine's report on Iran's support to the terrorists on the Sunni side? Now they're using Muqty's thugs to go after the British. If there was a time when the US and Europe had to really unite against the Mullah's of Iran, then this time is definitely now. It's time for Europe to wake up, roll up its sleeves, and get dirty. A good way to start is to pressure Russia and China to minimize their political support towards the Iranian dictators.

Source: BBC


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