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Monday, November 21, 2005

2 young teenage Egyptian girls. They are too young to vote yet they are campaigning for an MB candidate. They were told that God demands them to wear a piece of cloth on their head in order to be "complete Muslims". They were told that covering your hair is as essential as bowing down in prayer. They were told that, unlike their uncovered friends, they will get "extra points" in paradise for doing so even during Egypt's dreadful summer heat. They were told that as soon as you see blood coming out of you, you turn into a walking vagina and so you have to cover as much as possible because every walking sperm around wants to devour you. Well, who knows, may be those 2 innocents were covered up while they were still preteens. They were told many things and the disaster is that no one is telling them the opposite. Those who used to say the opposite are gone. Gone during 50 years of dictatorship and 50 years of destruction of the Egyptian person. Today, even if those who said the opposite rose again, they won't make any difference because the Egyptian masses changed. The Egyptian pyche changed. The Egyptian mentality changed. Thanks to years of dictatorship, oppression, and a sickening wave of fake religiosity that destroyed everything beautiful in Egypt.

(Pic courtesy of The Sandmonkey)


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