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Monday, November 21, 2005


The Muslim Brotherhood secured 14 more seats in yesterday's elections. The rest of their undefeated candidates will re-run against the NDP candidates. And we still have the final round of elections on December 1st!!!! My bet is 75-80 seats for the MB in all. Anyone want to place another bet??

AAAAA777EEEEE. (You don't know what A7E means? see the first A7E here)

Now, what are the reaction of the people. I managed to talk to a few and got the following reaction:

Anti-MB Muslims: jaws dropped, and started imagining what the future will be like or what "genious" stuff those 75 or 80 MBs will discuss in parliament.

Christians: pale face. A very pale face. And 2 eye balls at least 5 cm out of their sockets!!


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