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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

AAAAAA77777EEEEE (for the second time)


"Candidates affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt's largest Islamic fundamentalist party and its most powerful opposition movement, appeared to be making gains. Early results said Brotherhood candidates won at least 31 seats, with 43 for the ruling National Democratic Party."

We still have to wait for the "official" results but there is no doubt that the MB will win big this time. But if the "31 seats" number is true, I'll be a very sad person with a very wretched soul. And that's still stage 1, we have 2 stages to go!!

31 seats! A77777eeeeee.

Earthquake in Heliopolis

I just heard on the news that there has been an earthquake in Heliopolis, a beautiful residence area built a hundred years ago by the Belgian entrepreneur the Baron Empain (pictured above). The buildings there are just splendid, designed by masterful European architectures. Heliopolis is one of my favorite parts in Cairo.

The news indicates that the earthquake was a result of the rapid movement of Baron Empain's skeleton inside his tomb. It appears that the Baron was very disturbed and agitated after he heard that the MB are most likely to win in the Heliopolis area. Poor Empain!

The MB so far have secured one of Heliopolis' seats (provided that the government won't change that). And it looks as if there will be yet another re-run for the second seat.

The MB flared well in the Heliopolis area for 2 reasons:

1. Heliopolis has a very low turnout. Its anti-MB Muslim and Christian residents don't give a hoot about politics. I hope that changes in 2011.

2. The area is lumped up with Nasr City in the same voting district. Nasr City is a new residential area that houses many of those Egyptian who went and worked in the Gulf area during the oil boom and later came back with some money and a brain contaminated with the terrible kind of Islam practiced there. These people adhere to MB ideology. In addition, Nasr City also incorporates slum areas where the MB do have support.


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