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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Abdolkarim's Gets Media Attention

El Destoor, a popular opposition weekly newspaper in Egypt, reported the news of Abdolkarim's arrest. As typical of Egyptian/Arab media, there was a twist in the story. The paper, which is staunchly anti-Mubarak, said that the blogger was arrested because the government didn't like how he reported the events of Alexandria (the riots over the church play) and that it considers some of his writings to be "off the script". The paper didn't mention that Abdolkarim's posts against religion might be a reason for his arrest.

I am sure the paper didn't mention the above fact because it knows many people won't have any sympathy for Abdolkarim. Unfortunately, years of dictatorship and the current wave of foul religiosity have made many in our society immune to one of the basic elements of liberal democracy: freedom of speech.

On other hand, it was so encouraging to notice that many of those in the blogosphere who support Abdokarim's release do not agree with his views. There is hope I guess.


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