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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Al Hayat: Syria Sending Signs of a "New Equation"

It seems that pressure is working on the isolated Syrian regime. Respected Pan-Arab daily paper Al-Hayat said that Syria is sending signs and signals indicating that it is willing to change its behavior. This change will result in a new approach towards Lebanon, the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, and Iraq.

Three things are needed from Syria:

1. Leave Lebanon alone.

2. Help Mahmoud Abbas and stop undermining his authority by supporting terrorists against Israel.

3. Stop or at least try to stop the infiltration of terrorists into Iraq and terminate any terrorist operations and logistics insdie Syria.

I am a firm believer that the Assad regime should stay and that the US and Europe should work on pressuring the regime and not changing it. A regime change in Syria means the accention of the terrible Syrian Muslim Brotherhood to power. There is currently no secular or non-radical alternative to the Assad regime.

If the Syria regime delivered on the above 3 issues, it should be pressured to adopt measures towards a more open system, just like what is happening in Egypt.

Source: Al-Hayat (Arabic)


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